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‘Tower F’: All You Need To Know About The Highest Tower In Africa Located In Abidjan

Abidjan is getting ready to see the sixth tower come out of the ground. Called “tower F” this infrastructure is announced as the highest tower in Africa and as the country unveils the great facets of this project.

Tower F of Abidjan will cost a whopping 265 billion CFA francs. It will measure 283 meters high, for 64 floors. It will be the sixth tower located in the Plateau, the business center of Abidjan.

Work should begin before the end of 2018, and should eventually allow to equip the Ivorian economic capital with the highest tower in Africa.

For its realization, the architect Pierre Fakhoury, intends to make this infrastructure, one of the most modern, and most attractive on the planet.

After the Yamoussoukro Basilica, the largest in the world Pierre Fakhoury is preparing to offer Ivory Coast, one of its most prestigious symbols.

“The building is intended to accommodate administrative services and offices. It includes a 200-seat auditorium on the first floor and a space for formal ceremonies, with a very high ceiling, on the 60th floor, “reads the site of the company PFO Africa he directs.

The tower F of Abidjan will be like an African mask, as if to mark the cultural character of the work.

The facades each consist of a double skin with facets inclined inwardly and outwardly, and interconnected by connecting rods. The tower will offer a flicker at night, with the  glazing reminiscent of African fabrics by reflective white slanting bands that contrast with bluish-treated glazed strips.

“This is an innovative project and a true symbol of the economic renaissance of our country,” said Jacques Komenan, insurance agent, in Afrikmag.

Fabrice Kouassi, is less euphoric. This freight agent met at the Abidjan airport, thinks that “the project is not bad in itself. It is still a work that will serve our country, and which will certainly attract tourists. But you see, our hospitals are short of materials, our universities too. And we could have looked in that direction. Even the extension of the Abidjan airport is in my opinion more necessary, “ he said.

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