Lucky Limpopo Winner of R13 Million Powerball Treats Generous Uncle to New Car

A Limpopo man who won the Powerball jackpot in the April 16 draw has finally received his money.

The winning ticket was purchased at Shoprite Checkers in Limpopo for R60 using a manual selection technique.

He walks away with R13,309,154.20.

According to National Lottery Ithuba, the “ecstatic winner” went to the Ithuba Sandton office this week to receive his prize.

When asked about the delay in claiming his prize, the winner responded:

“I only discovered my win a few days ago. I typically play ahead for multiple draws across all relevant National Lottery games.

“I casually checked my ticket while purchasing a Lotto ticket on Saturday.

“While I have always believed that I would win one day, I was incredibly astonished to learn that I had the winning ticket from the April 16 PowerBall draw all along.”

Employed as a security manager, the winner unveiled his heart-warming plans for his newfound fortune.

“I intend to share a portion of the money with my siblings, so they can savour their big brother’s windfall.

“More significantly, I yearn to surprise my uncle with a beautiful car.

“Following my father’s unfortunate passing when we were young children, my uncle selflessly took on the responsibility of ensuring our well-being.

“I used to trek long distances to and from school, until one day when my uncle gifted me a bicycle to ease my travels.

“Now that I have won this money, I can finally express my gratitude like I’ve always wished, by purchasing him a beautiful car.”

He told Ithuba this win is a huge blessing to him.

“I will use this this money to finally buy a house for my family.”

Ithuba CEO Charmaine Mabuza congratulated the winners.

“I am moved by the stories of both these winners, it is fulfilling to witness how the National Lottery jackpots continue to transform the lives of players. This is indeed our objective to give all South Africans a fair opportunity to win life-changing jackpots.”

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