Swazi Billionaire Natie Kirsh’s Fortune Skyrockets by $140 Million Within a Fortnight

Natie Kirsh, the Swazi billionaire known for his vast wealth and operations in the food supply industry, has seen another increase in his net worth in the last two weeks, cementing his status as Eswatini’s richest person and one of Africa’s wealthiest individuals.

Kirsh’s net worth has climbed by $140 million in the last two weeks, from $8.18 billion on March 12 to $8.32 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which analyzes the fortunes of the world’s 500 richest billionaires.

Kirsh’s wealth has increased by $9.3 million per day since March 12, owing primarily to the exceptional performance of his 75 percent stake in Jetro Holdings, a New York-based consumer goods holding company that oversees two prominent wholesale grocery enterprises in the United States — Jetro Cash & Carry and Restaurant Depot.

Natie Kirsh, rated 308th on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, gets a large amount of his income from private assets. His closely held company Kirsh Group, which owns a majority stake in Jetro Holdings, is valued $205 million.

The majority of Kirsh’s money comes from his 75 percent interest in Jetro Holdings, which is currently worth $5.68 billion. This is an increase from $5.53 billion on March 12, which added $150 million to his wealth. This holding accounts for more than 66% of Kirsh’s $8.32 billion fortune.

In addition to Jetro Holdings, Kirsh owns 54% of Abacus Property Group, a publicly traded real estate investment trust headquartered in Sydney. However, in the last two weeks, the value of this asset has dropped by $3 million, from $371 million to $368 million.

Kirsh’s property portfolio includes major assets such as Tower 42, London’s leading office skyscraper, valued at $364 million in 2024, and Jandakot Airport in Perth, Australia. The recent increase in his wealth confirms his place among the world’s wealthiest people.



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