Podcaster Alleges AKA and Cassper Nyovest Paid for ‘Sway in the Morning’ Interviews

Only a few South African performers had the opportunity to be guests on Sway in the Morning. Thakgi, a podcaster, challenged the assumption that an American radio DJ approached local artists to appear on his show.

Thakgi, a YouTube podcaster and TikTok user, said that the late rappers Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and Cassper Nyovest were not invited to Sway In The Morning. Instead, Thakgi alleged they paid to be summoned there.

The crew discussed local stars’ preference for worldwide media over the local entertainment scene, which led to this revelation. One host claimed that artists prefer abroad gigs because they pay well, but Thakgi argued this is not true.

“When they go on Sway In The Morning, we think that Sway called them, but they actually paid for that.”

Netizens discussed this in the comments section after X blog page @MDNnewss shared the video clip.


“Who is that young man?that young has a potential of becoming something great.”


“For once, he said something I can agree with.”


“For the first time ever i agree with that boy.”


“MacG 2.0 in the making.”


“It’s in the past guys rest.”


“People do pay, so if that’s the case. there’s nothing wrong.”


“The boy speaks loud & fast you’ll think he’s making a point, kante lutho. He has a very idealistic mindset.”

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