U.S.: North Decatur Student Receives 4-H Scholarship

Ty Pratt, a recent North Decatur graduate, received a $1,000 scholarship after submitting an essay on his 4-H experiences.

The Becca Wessel Memorial Scholarship is being presented to a 4-H member rather than a fine arts student for the first time.

Anita Wessel, a Greensburg native, had a few requirements for the scholarship essay: candidates must be a 10-year 4-H member showing goats and write about someone or something that happened in the applicant’s life.

“At the fair last year at the goat show, I overheard someone receiving a 4-H scholarship,” Wessel said. “I immediately thought, ‘Well that’s something I can do.’ Becca always loved showing her goats and her livestock, so I researched the steps and started working on it.”

Pratt had repeatedly placed second in showmanship throughout his 4-H career and chose that theme for his scholarship essay.

“I’ve gotten second place eight out of 10 years of showmanship,” Pratt said. “It taught me to just enjoy what you’re doing and it taught me to be better because you have to try harder.”

Pratt won a $1,500 Andrew P. Winzenread Memorial Scholarship in addition to the Becca Wessel Memorial Scholarship.

In memory of a fallen police officer, the scholarship is given to an eligible child of a first responder. Scott Pratt, Pratt’s father, has worked for the Indiana State Police for the past 24 years and has been on the governor’s detail for the past 13 years, according to Pratt.

Pratt is pursuing a degree in biochemistry from Purdue University beginning this year.

Wessel awarded $8,000 in three scholarships through the Becca Wessel Memorial Scholarship, which was named after her firstborn daughter. Clare Spreckelson and Caraline Reynolds were the first two recipients of the Becca Wessel Memorial Scholarship this year.

Anita Wessel has been accumulating funds for a scholarship in her daughter’s name for nearly 12 years. Becca Wessel died in an automobile accident in 2010. She participated in her school’s fine arts programs, as well as local 4-H and the Color Guard.

The annual Halloween dance and hog raffle is the most important fundraiser for the Becca Wessel Memorial Scholarship. The event will take place on October 28 at the New Point Community Center.

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