U.S.: Opportunity Scholarship Fund is Awarding $1.4 Million in Scholarships

The Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF), an Oklahoma scholarship awarding organization (SGO) for low-income PreK-12 students, will award nearly 500 scholarships totalling $1.4 million this month.

“It’s our goal to help bridge the financial gap for private education, and OSF donors make it possible for us to award hundreds of scholarships each year,” said

OSF CEO Sarah Guardiola. “My inbox is full of messages from grateful parents and students, thanking us for the opportunity to attend the school that is the best fit for them.”

More Oklahoma families, though, still require financial aid for the upcoming school year. Over 535 students are awaiting scholarship decisions and may not be able to attend their preferred school if they do not obtain money.

“There are many parents in tears, desperate to help their children, and I have to tell them ‘We are waiting on donors,’” she said. “I’m praying more benefactors — like small businesses and individuals — will give so we can continue to help more kids.”

Donors can obtain state income tax credits and deductions for their contributions to OSF, and they can even designate their gift to the “Kids in Crisis” fund, which assists youngsters who are bullied or homeless, battle addiction, have learning challenges, or are struggling academically.

OSF awarded over 1,200 scholarships totalling $3.6 million in 2022, serving 15% more students than the previous year.

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