Treasure Scholarship At Boise State University 2023

Boise State offers both automatic scholarships and scholarships that require an additional application. Automatic scholarships include the Foothills, Ridgeline, Summit, and Transfer Treasure Scholarships—if you meet the qualifications and deadlines, you’re guaranteed an award. Other scholarships may require additional application materials.

Be sure to read all requirements carefully to ensure you’ve satisfied the requirements and deadlines for any scholarships.

Automatic Scholarships for First-Year Applicants

First-year applicants to Boise State are defined as those who hold fewer than 14 transferrable post-secondary credits earned after high school. The scholarships below require no additional application for consideration, but eligibility does require that all required admissions materials are received in the International Admissions Office by the posted deadline.

Scholarship AwardCumulative Unweighted GPA RequiredValueLength of AwardFall Semester DeadlineSpring Semester Deadline
Foothills Scholarship3.20 – 3.49$2,000 per year4 years (8 semesters)December 15October 1
Ridgeline Scholarship3.50 – 3.69$8,000 per year
Summit Scholarship*3.70 – 4.00$11,000 per year

*The Summit Scholarship will be awarded beginning with students admitted to the Fall 2023 semester. It is not available for Spring 2023.

Please be aware that some programs at Boise State are ineligible for these scholarships and that applicants must be in an eligible program to be considered. Ineligible majors include Nursing, Pre-Nursing, Radiological Science, Pre-Radiological Science, and self-supported and fully online programs.

For complete scholarship policies, as well as renewal information, please visit the Scholarship Office website.

Global Scholarships

The Center for Global Engagement offers the Global Excellence and Global Distinction Scholarships for new degree-seeking undergraduate international students. These scholarships require an additional application and are open only to international undergraduate applicants.

Scholarship AwardCumulative Unweighted GPA RequiredValueLength of AwardFall Semester DeadlineSpring Semester Deadline
Global Excellence Award3.50 – 4.00Up to $‭17,337.1‬0 per year4 years (8 semesters)March 1 (11:59 pm Mountain Time)October 1 (11:59 pm Mountain Time)
Global Distinction Award3.00 – 3.49Up to $‭8,668.55‬ per year

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Global Scholarship award, students must:

  • Be first-time Boise State University undergraduate degree-seeking students.
  • Have an unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.00 (Global Distinction Scholarship) or 3.50 (Global Excellence Scholarship).
  • Study in an eligible major. Nursing, Pre-Nursing, Radiology, Pre-Radiology, and self-supported and fully online programs are not eligible for these awards.
  • Submit your admissions application, all required admissions materials, and the Global Scholarship application to International Admissions by the posted deadline. The application for admission and application fee must be submitted before students can submit a Global Scholarship application.

In addition to academic achievement, Global Scholarship recipients typically demonstrate ambitious academic or professional goals, a commitment to positively impacting the Boise State community, and the ability to overcome adversity.

Submit Your Global Scholarship Application

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