Tony Leon Dismisses Ramaphosa’s Plea, Asserts Dominance in GNU Talks

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plea to avoid a public spectacle over discussions with the DA “mean nothing” after former DA leader and GNU negotiator Tony Leon sent him another letter reminding him of his position.

According to political analyst Prof. Sipho Seepe, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has gained confidence after being invited by the African National Congress to form a government of national unity, and the ANC will play second fiddle if the proposed GNU is formed to lead South Africa’s seventh administration.

In his piece, Leon, in a somewhat veiled threat, quoted journalist Peter Bruce as saying that “the DA was the sole guarantor of Ramaphosa’s election as president”.

According to Seepe, Leon’s letter is intended to remind Ramaphosa of the true status quo.

“Leon is saying stop the nonsense; you did not win the election. “He is telling the ANC that we have agreed to support you if you give us positions (in Cabinet), so stick to that,” Seepe explained.

The ANC’s national executive committee is set to meet this weekend to resolve the standoff with the DA regarding cabinet slots in the government of national unity.

According to IOL, a top ANC official acknowledged a meeting to ‘cool down’ tempers after President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed frustration with the DA’s demands.

“At this stage, the ANC’s NEC must take the lead because Ramaphosa is a profoundly compromised individual. The ANC must be honest with us and state that these are the promises it made to the DA. “The ANC must not pretend that it has not sold its soul,” said Seepe.

“Ramaphosa’s letter contains grandiose language. The DA is rather clear about what it stands for. It positions itself as a party committed to protecting white interests and privilege. Ramaphosa was aware of this prior to entering into the agreement. He believes that these are the ones who can safeguard him from a variety of other obstacles.

According to Seepe, Ramaphosa’s only other alternative was to establish an alliance with the Economic Freedom Fighters and the uMkhonto weSizwe party, which is run by former President Jacob Zuma.

“However, he preferred to work with white people over black people.” The way the DA is behaving is something Ramaphosa created, so there is no sympathy for his displeasure. He chose his companions. Remember Helen Zille once declared that she hopes the ANC will be dead in her lifetime,” said Seepe.

“So you sleep with people who want the ANC to cease to exist? What are you expecting? The GNU is not going to work. The DA will lead the GNU. We can’t be wasting time. The DA members are bringing the muscle of white capital. Ramaphosa’s presidency is backed by the same white capital. We must not avoid the issue. They have the option of removing him. “Ramaphosa cannot bite the hand that feeds him,” he explained.

In South Africa’s general elections last month, the ANC scored its worst election results since apartheid ended 30 years ago. The party received 40% of the votes, culminating in the loss of its absolute majority in Parliament.

Last week, IOL reported that Ramaphosa’s party formed a government of national unity (GNU) with the DA and eight smaller parties, including the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), Patriotic Alliance (PA), GOOD party, Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), Freedom Front Plus, United Democratic Movement (UDM), Rise Mzansi, and Al Jama-ah.

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