The 2022 ADC ITH Salzburg Scholarships Program in Austria

Deadline : March 31, 2023

Apply for the (Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management) ITH Salzburg Scholarships program for ADC’s priority and developing countries. Founded in 1965, the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Klessheim provides formal education for professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Every year, the institutes together with the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) offer several scholarships to students from around the world. These scholarships enable students to take home invaluable knowledge and experience from the longstanding traditions of tourism and tourism education in Salzburg. Scholarships are offered to students from ADC’s priority and developing countries to study one of the following General Module offered by the institute.

  • Hospitality Management Module or
  • Tourism Management Module
  • Additional Module: Teacher Training Module (TT) or Entrepreneurship

The institute offers 2 categories of scholarships to eligible students namely,

  • Scholarship for ADC Priority Countries And
  • Scholarship for developing countries


Selected applicants for both scholarships will receive the following benefits

Scholarship for ADC Priority Countries

  • You will receive a full tuition fee coverage for your selected module
  • Students will receive accommodation for the whole duration of their course
  • You will receive flight tickets for your journey from your home country to Salzburg and back.
  • Students will be eligible for full Health insurance during their stay
  • You will receive Food from Monday through Sunday
  • Students will also enjoy several Excursions during their stay in Austria .
  • A monthly stipend worth €205 as pocket money

Scholarship for developing countries

  • You will receive a full tuition fee coverage for your selected module
  • Students will be eligible for full Health insurance during their stay
  • You will receive Food from Monday through Friday
  • Students will also enjoy several Excursions during their stay in Austria .
  • A monthly stipend worth €205 as pocket money


  • Applicants must be students from either ADC Priority Countries or developing countries
  • You must be 35 years of age or younger in order to be eligible.
  • Applicants must have achieved a GCE A‘ Level or equivalent, enabling them to enrollment at a University.
  • You must have some practical experience in tourism ( say, hotels, travel agencies, tourism management) or any similar practical experience with a minimum of 1 year or, be a graduate of a tourism and hospitality institute.
  • Since all courses are conducted in English, applicants must prove of excellent command of English.
  • An English proficiency proof may be in form of an internationally recognized certificate including TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or equivalent. This is mandatory for applicants from non English speaking countries.
  • Please note that if your English language is not sufficient, the Institute may decide whether you should to take an extra English language course in Austria at your own expenses.


Applicants are advised to follow the procedure below in order to successfully submit their application. All applications should be sent directly to the Institute via post.

  • You must download and fill out the application form correctly and legibly.
  • Pay attention and be sure you supply all the required information along with the required attachments.
  • Your support documents must include translations in English or German in case originals where not issued in English
  • You should also include your working e-mail address, phone and fax numbers as your application might not be considered in case these are not given correctly.
  • In case if any doubts or inquiries, contact the ITH office and Austrian embassy/consulate (In written form: e-mail or regular mail).

To download the application form, Click here

For more information, visit the official website here


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