Terrence Moolman’s Caxton Investment Shrinks by $7.6 Million

Terrence Moolman, a South African media tycoon, has seen a significant decrease in the market value of his holdings in Caxton & CTP Publishers Limited over the last 72 days due to a downturn in the company’s shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Moolman’s position in Caxton & CTP Publishers has decreased by R146.85 million ($7.66 million) in the previous 72 days, indicating diminishing investor interest in Caxton on the JSE.

Moolman and Noel Coburn formed the publisher in 1980, and it has a diverse portfolio of publications, including 88 newspapers and 15 periodicals. It also specializes in printing and packaging solutions.

Caxton’s shares on the JSE have declined by 7.93%, from R10.84 ($0.565) on Feb. 6 to R 9.98 ($0.521), resulting in a market capitalization of less than $200 million.

As CEO and co-founder of Caxton & CTP Publishers Ltd., Moolman owns a massive 47.22 percent interest, making him the company’s largest stakeholder and cementing his position as one of the wealthiest investors on the JSE.

With the recent drop in the publisher’s share price, the market value of Moolman’s stake has fallen by R146.85 million ($7.66 million), from R1.85 billion ($96.5 million) on February 6 to R1.70 billion ($88.88 million) at the time of reporting.

Despite market constraints, Moolman is a key player in several segments of the Southern African publishing industry. His imaginative leadership as CEO of Caxton continues to influence the country’s publishing and print environment. As Caxton & CTP Publishers’ major stakeholder, his influence is still substantial.

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