Man Ends Marriage as Wife Won’t Return to Work Post-Maternity

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A previously happy marriage ended in divorce owing to a disagreement on childcare.

A 30-year-old guy ended his marriage due to his wife’s desire to stay at home as a mother.

In a Reddit post, a frustrated guy revealed that he and his wife were high school sweethearts with a passion for education and ambition.

After being married for five years, the couple had their first kid three years later.

They had initially agreed to put their child to daycare after six months. However, tensions increased when the man’s wife opted not to return to work.

“Her argument was that if I picked up more work, we could afford a single-income household, and she would save us money as a stay-at-home parent.” he shared

Concerned about the financial hardship and his limited time with their child, the man proposed other arrangements. One of them worked various shifts to divide childcare obligations.

Despite his attempts to reach an agreement, his wife insisted on her viewpoint, resulting in a breakdown in communication and growing anger.

He says:

“She quit her job. She took care of the baby during my work hours and wanted me to cook dinner on weekdays and take care of the baby on weekends because a “stay-at-home mums deserve breaks too.”

The man was frustrated because of the mounting bills and excessive work hours, as well as his inability to spend time with the infant.

The husband filed for divorce after feeling unsupported and overwhelmed by job and home responsibilities.

“The court gave 50:50 custody, no alimony or child support since I proved she decided to stay home, something I never agreed upon,” he continued.

According to the man, his estranged wife is broke and struggling to live paycheck to paycheck.

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