Saso’s Brunch Marquee Promises a Dazzling VIP Experience at HollywoodBets Durban July

The countdown is on for the HollywoodBets Durban July, and marquee organisers are pulling out all the stops to ensure that attendees have a blast.

This year musician, now turned marketing guru, Saso will be hosting his first luxurious and exclusive event, at the HollywoodBets Durban July.

Musician-turned-marketing guru Saso will be hosting his first luxurious and exclusive event, ‘Saso’s Brunch Marquee,’ at the HollywoodBets Durban July.

Saso, whose real name is Lusaso Ngcobo, is one half of the popular hip-hop group Dream Team and has been working on this prestigious event for over three years.

Having never imagined he would have a marquee at the HollywoodBets Durban July, Saso is looking forward to the big weekend and making his mark at the long-running event, which has become a staple in the South African lifestyle and entertainment industry.

“It’s very exciting for a young marquee to be there and to have a position of the winning post, which is a finishing line of the races, right across the grand stands.

“For us that’s a huge achievement, the positive energies are very high, the anxiety is also there but that comes with anything great you do. It is hard, there is a lot of work that goes into it, but understanding that nothing great comes easy, we are very excited.”

At 34 years old, Saso is one of the youngest marquee owners at the HollywoodBets Durban July, and at the heart of ‘Saso’s Brunch Marquee’ is the celebration of black excellence.

“It was important for me that black excellence is one of the centres of the marquee because we need to celebrate us pushing boundaries, overcoming adversities, especially in the industry that we are in.

“I think we are under a microscope, we achieve a lot of things under a lot of pressures that we are under as black people in the industry and business. We take a lot of things for granted but we overcome a lot of things and it’s hardly celebrated and shown in public, so it’s important for me to celebrate black excellence.”

Over the years, Saso has organised several events such as Saso’s House, but he admits that putting together a marquee for the HollywoodBets Durban July is a whole different ballgame.

“It’s a very big stage, this is one of the biggest events in the country, you can’t afford to not execute and produce the best you can. You are competing with so many other marquees and must convince people to come to yours.”

While Saso’s Brunch Marquee may draw inspiration from the international Roc Nation Brunch hosted by Jay Z, it is filled with local flavour, from the food and entertainment to the attendees.

For the marquee, Saso and his team have enlisted the services of Andimahle Building Events who have done several events and they have trust in her to execute the vision.

For the food, there will be plenty of traditional dishes, catering to every kind of palate, with consideration for all South African cultures.

The line-up for Saso’s Brunch Marquee has a bit of everything from top local and national artists; from Sjava, Blxckie, DBN Gogo, PH, Asvnte, Major League DJs, Kweyama Brothers, LeSoul, Oscar Mbo and radio personality Minnie Ntuli as the MC.



“We’ve tried to find a balance in catering for everyone, it wouldn’t make sense to have a marquee in Durban and not have any Durban DJs and it also wouldn’t make sense to not have any of the biggest artists in the country at one of the biggest events of the year. We tried to strike a balance.”

Saso’s Brunch Marquee will also feature a make-up station where attendees can get their make-up touched up, a feature many ladies will appreciate, especially during the long day at the races.



For the make-up touch up station, Saso and his team have partnered up with one of the country’s top celebrity make-up artists Nombuso who is from Durban, the Arc Store and Fenty Beauty.

“It’s a very exciting collaboration for us, we are very excited and we think the ladies are going to love that element to the marquee.”



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