J Molley Addresses Mental Health Issues Following Suicide Attempt

J Molley was open about his struggles with his mental health. Recently, the rapper made headlines for attempting suicide.

Following his public suicide attempt, rapper J Molley has spoken out about his mental health difficulties.

He stated that he discovered redemption in Jesus Christ and committed to discovering his destiny on earth.

The rapper marked Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month on Twitter (X) by sharing his personal struggles, expressing support for those facing similar challenges, and encouraging people who do not share his experiences to be sympathetic.

“People are saying this was a PR stunt; I think it’s utterly ignorant to accuse me of doing such a thing. I have attempted suicide 200 times. Did I ever publicise it then? No, this is the first incident.

“Do not mock a pain you have not endured. This is a serious topic; let’s treat it that way. It’s Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month; let’s check in on our brothers and not make a joke out of this. Praise God, I’m here, on a new journey with Christ to find my purpose.”


Netizens showed love to J Molley through his struggles:

Chismoke_ said:

“Love you, praying for you. The mockery is indicative of how much more mental health awareness needs to be done.”

masiakananelo3 wrote:

“Men are being the most dismissive, then will come back and complain that no one cares about men’s issues. Like? Praying for strength and healing for Molley.”

MellZolanski posted:

“Don’t ever scare us like that, please.”

Meanwhile, some netizens criticised the rapper and continued to call him a clout-chaser:

KG_Zovias423 said:

“I hope this was not some publicity stunt for people to give you sympathy listenership.”

lakatxa dismissed J Molley:

“Move over; we have more serious issues to be concerned about.”

fiveptsforyou called J Molley out:

“It’s hard to sympathise with you when you post crypto currency tweets right after your suicidal attempts.”

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