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President Cyril Ramaphosa Signs 3 Bills Into Law

President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed three measures into law.

The @PresidencyZA account tweeted that Ramaphosa signed the Municipal Fiscal Powers and Functions Amendment Bill, the National Land Transport Amendment Bill, and the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill.

The Economic Regulation of Transport Bill aims to boost economic growth in South Africa by establishing a Transport Economic Regulator to regulate transportation prices.


Netizens roasted Ramaphosa about how many bills he has signed into law in the past few weeks.

Phumudzo Makhani said:

“The man has signed close to 12 bills in three weeks. Fear elections.”

UknownITellYou said:

“Vele, you are still masquerading as a leader of society after you were rejected.”

Austine Msagala said:

“These are bills he should have signed long ago. There’s such a slow sense of urgency when it comes to serving South Africans first.”

Lucas Moagi said:

“Maybe if he had signed these bills into law a few years back, he wouldn’t be looking for partners to form a government of national unity.”

Xavier asked:

“Who is that president because we are on auto-pilot for 14 days? This is treason.”

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