“I’m Not Your Father”: Woman Talks About Deadbeat Dad While Celebrating 30th Birthday

A woman who had given up hope of seeing her 30th birthday told of her encounter with a man who claimed not to be her father.

Lebohang Ramatlapeng (@lebo555) took to TikTok to express her tale of celebrating three decades without her parents.

In the video, Lebohang reveals that at 15, her father “went to buy milk one day and never came back,” a scenario commonly used when discussing deadbeat dads.

She then shares:

“My mom couldn’t bear a life without him. So, less than a year later, she died from depression. I was angry at her for not fighting for me, at least.”

The young woman then states that three years later, she finally met her biological father:

“The only words he ever said to me to date was, ‘I’m not your father. Your mother died with the truth about your real father.’ “

Despite what the man said, Lebohang says she still saw a resemblance between them.

Watch the emotional video below:

Strangers filled Lebohang’s comment section with birthday wishes, and the young lady also received a few messages of support and kindness.

@kgomotso.gk was one of the people who showed love to Lebohang:

“Happiest birthday, Lebo. Continue living and loving. You’ve made it so far and have an amazing road ahead.”

@dineo_cyn asked if Lebohang was doing well. She replied:

“Thank you for asking. Safe to say that I didn’t break.”

@louisamolepo436 shared in the comment section:

“Happy birthday, Sisi. Wishing you all great things. May he come back needing your help.”

Seeing the message, Lebohang responded:

“No way. I pray every day that God keeps him healthy so he never finds the need to come to me. I will be faced with the will of having to forgive him, and I don’t think I have that in me.”

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