Cape Town Man Loses R486,000 in Mall Parking Lot Robbery

CCTV footage from the Kenilworth Centre in Cape Town shows a man being robbed of over half a million rand, sparking outrage on social media.

In a video shared by @Abramjee on X, a man and his partner were headed towards the center’s entrance when they were approached by two gun-wielding males who snatched their rucksack and fled.


According to Cape Town ETC, the offenders stole R486,000 in cash and the victim’s firearms.

SAPS confirmed that no firearms were fired during the attack. Claremont police are investigating the armed robbery.

Netizens were more interested in why the victim was carrying so much money.

@Morganical00 questioned:

“Why not deposit money with your banking app, these guys are useless.”

@eliotchauke1 asked:

“Where was he going with that money.”

@XUFFLER added:

“It’s illegal to have such a large amount of cash tho”

@tinyikobaloyi wondered:

“Why carry such a lot of hard cash?”

@Alulu25 speculated:

“This was an inside job.”

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