BET Africa’s ‘Queendom’ Faces Production Pause Amid Funding Turbulence

Production of BET Africa’s daily drama ‘Queendom’ has halted due to Clive Morris Productions’ inability to pay salaries for two months. The show’s future remains uncertain.

Clive Morris Productions, which has been in the South African entertainment sector for almost 30 years, found themselves in this terrible and unanticipated circumstance after an investor pulled out at the last minute.

Its CEO, Clive Morris, indicated to IOL that being dumped by their investor at the last minute prevented them from securing the finances required for their co-investment in the production.

‘Queendom’ is a co-production between broadcaster BET Africa and the production house. BET has confirmed to IOL that they have fulfilled their responsibilities of the co-investment.

“We had the funds ready to pay for our share, BET paid their share but our funder let us down at the very last moment. We are not sure why, we don’t know if something else came along but the funder at the very last moment, when they were supposed to deposit the funds, didn’t.

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