3 Great Universities for Tech Jobs

Over one-third of prospective students indicate they want to focus on a career in the technology sector, making it one of the most popular paths for business graduates. It is, however, a crowded and competitive job market due to the high level of interest. Where should you study nowadays, then, if you want to acquire a job in technology?

Innovative tech centers can be found all over Europe, in both established large cities and quickly growing startup cities. Studying in one of these places is the greatest way to guarantee success if you want to land a tech job.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the universities you might want to think about applying to if you want to take advantage of that vibrant job market.

IE University

Madrid, along with Barcelona, is one of Spain’s IT hubs and the location of IE University. As a result, the school places a high priority on innovation and technology and offers degrees including an MBA with a strong technology concentration and a Master’s in Digital Business and Innovation. In actuality, 28% of IE graduates get employment in the IT industry.


IU International University of Applied Sciences

Germany is home to two campuses of the IU International University of Applied Sciences, one in Bad-Honnef near Cologne and the other in the center of Berlin. You can access all of the employment options in one of the biggest tech centres in Europe right here. Innovation is a key component of several IU programs, including the Master in Information Technology Management. Even better, IU’s programs are quite affordable, and you have a lot of scholarship alternatives to further reduce the cost of your education.


EU Business School

There are three physical sites for EU Business School: Munich, Barcelona, and Geneva. Strong linkages to the tech sector can be found in all of these locations, but Munich and Barcelona stand out as two of Europe’s top tech hubs. Programs like the Bachelor of Business Management (Business Technology) provide students with advanced understanding in business analytics as well as a solid foundation in business fundamentals.


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