‘Queen Modjadji’ TV Series to Air on Sunday After Balobedu Royal Council’s Court Bid Dismissed

The Balobedu Royal Council failed to stop the Queen Modjadji TV series from airing on Mzansi Magic on Sunday.

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria dismissed the Royal Council’s urgent application, stating that the matter lacked urgency.

In his verdict, Acting Judge Jacques Minnaar stated that the applicants, The Queen Modjaji VII, the Balobedu Royal Family, and Council, failed to act in a timely manner and instead waited until production was complete.

“Why did the applicants not, as soon as they became aware of the production, take any steps to halt the production, even more so, as the counsel for the applicant contended where the application is of great cultural, constitutional and public significance?

“The series is a work of fiction set many years ago. Each of the episodes will start with a wording ‘Historical drama inspired by true events’.

“Again, it is difficult to comprehend how the legacy, dignity or rights of the applicants and more specifically of the first applicant will be infringed on by this work of fiction,” said Minnaar in delivering his ruling.

The Royal Council said that it did not approve of the series since neither MultiChoice, which owns the Mzansi Magic channel, nor the producer, Duma Ka Ndlovu of Rhythm World Productions, talked with them before making it.

The Modjadji Royal Council approved the show’s airing after consultation with MultiChoice.

The Modjadji and Balobedu Royal Councils are now at disagreement over succession to the throne.

According to MultiChoice, renowned poet and producer Ka Ndlovu hopes that by producing the show, viewers will be able to participate with Lobedu culture and traditions.

The drama series will also depict how Queen Modjadji was able to generate rain. It will premiere on Mzansi Magic on July 14, 2024.

Queen Modjadji will air on Mzansi Magic every Sunday at 8 p.m.

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