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Ntsiki Mazwai Faces Backlash for Alleged Race-Baiting in Viral Video on ANC-DA Coalition

Ntsiki Mazwai, a controversial media figure, was caught straying on social media after discussing the DA’s stunning success in the just concluded elections.

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai is among those asking how the DA received millions of votes. The star said that John Steenhuisen’s party, which represents only 10% of the population, should not have earned millions of votes.

In a viral X video, Ntsiki Mazwai expressed her opposition to the ANC and DA collaboration, citing the potential for white people to continue oppressing black people.

She said:

“We don’t know by what miracle that the DA is one of the top parties in the country. They represent a minority that is less than 10%

“When you put the DA in front, you are instigating racial tension in this country. The last time white people were in power, black people died in multiples. White people do not have a good rapport when it comes to leadership.”

Social media users shared their thoughts after Ntsiki Mazwai’s video went viral. Many said the Moya Podcast host was race-baiting and should accept that there were black people who voted for the DA.

@RenaldoGouws said:

“It’s called living in the real world and not on social media. Millions of people voted for DA, and here’s the shocker: the majority of DA voters aren’t white.”

@mix_upchick commented:

“We? We don’t want the MK, EFF and ANC.”

@Lindaferns wrote:

“This kind of racist garbage needs to stop. You’re supposed to represent the youth of this country to take the country forward & learn from the mistakes the @MYANC made in the last 30 years. If you REALLY think only white people voted for the DA, you really aren’t too smart!”


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