Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie Explore Rome, Italy Together

Mthombenis are in a joyful mood. The couple is celebrating a significant milestone in Musa’s life in the greatest way they know how.

Media personality Dr. Musa Mthombeni and Liesl Laurie are recognized for traversing the world together. The pair is now on vacation in Rome, Italy, and the photos are amazing.

The celebrity couple celebrated Musa’s 34th birthday with a humorous message. Musa commended Liesl for how far they’d gone in life.

“From 2-minute noodles to Al dente fettuccine in 24 hours. Wow, what a life. What a wife. What a wow. This is what you get, @bongapercy, for refusing to buy me another bottle of very expensive Greek olive oil after you broke mine last weekend whilst complaining about how high VAT is in South Africa. Now I have to come do an Italian taste test. *sigh. The full vlog will be available in a day or so. Please be patient, we are fighting enemies here.”

Mzansi is convinced that Liesl and Musa won the lottery because they are forever on vacation.


“Where did you guys meet? Maybe my one is waiting there.”


“I laughed too quickly on your birthday kante.”


“Dear Jesus, bless this couple always, amen.”


“When you’ve won the Lotto but didn’t tell anyone, but there will be signs. We see you, we see the subtle hints, continue with the content!”


“Dr’s don’t feel cold?”


“The way she looks at him. If this isn’t LOVE! Lord.”


“The powerball winners are at it again.”

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