Mpho Popps’ Daughter Body Shamed by Musa Khawula Following Commentary on JazziQ Elevator Incident

Musa Khawula, a controversial blogger, blasted comedian Mpho Popps and his daughter, who were caught in the midst.

In an interview with media celebrity Mpho Popps, Robot Boii described the story from his own perspective. The incident occurred while the Amapiano singer was in the YFM lift with JazziQ and Ngcebo Mcobothi.

Robot Boii revealed that JazziQ made a joke about Ngcebo’s outfit, and he believes she took it the wrong way.

After Robot Boii’s comments, netizens suspected JazziQ had fat shamed the lady. Some found Mpho Popps’ comments about the situation offensive.

Musa Khawula, for example, was aiming for Mpho’s daughter, Imani Modikoane.

Musa stated that because Mpho appeared to condone JazziQ’s actions, the young girl should be handled similarly. Khawula also referred to Mpho’s wife, Latoya Mei-Modikoane. Check Musa’s tweet below.

The distasteful remarks saw people dragging Musa Khawula and warning him that children should not be involved in his shenanigans.

@Bongani_Wale replied:

“I can’t believe there are many people who say, “I love him, my fav etc.” Every time when this lunatic tweets. They even forget this person was arrested and charged with murder. What’s wrong with our people? Why do you continue to embrace this evil thing?”

@dramadelinquent said:

“Disgusting on your part. This is a child.”

@zilevandamme asked:

“Rage farming using a kid? You are desperate. I hope no harm comes to that kid because never mind civil court, criminal court where you have experience. Also posting a photo of a child without a parent’s permission? Hold my beer.”

@African_Spring lashed:

“First of all, this kid is not fat nor ugly. Secondly, stop this, you piece of cow.”

@I_am_Bucie asked:

“Musa you need to learn to have some shame. Why are you dragging this poor child for? Why are her pictures on this app to begin with? No no leave children alone man.”

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