“I Tried to Leave, Then Got Pregnant”: Woman’s Story of Escaping Abusive Marriage Inspires SA

A woman revealed a previously unknown aspect of her marriage on social media.

Natasha Tshabalala shared a TikTok video describing how she used to flaunt her wedding ring and title of “Mrs” despite being mistreated by her former spouse.

Natasha said in a post that the man wanted a baby from her when she was still studying. He would always order her to get out of his car, forcing her to beg him to calm down so she wouldn’t be left stranded.

Natasha eventually began attending church, praying for her husband and their marriage, and striving to be the excellent wife he had trained her to be. While there, Natasha acknowledged that she met someone else she liked, but she kept her cool and worked on her divorce plan.

She describes how she removed her wedding ring, ceased caring when he did not return home, and began to accept life without him. Despite her efforts to separate from him, she unexpectedly became pregnant.

They opted to retain the child, but Natasha remained miserable in her poisonous marriage and attempted suicide.

Things improved when she changed jobs and met other women who helped her better herself, finally leading her to leave her toxic marriage.

Natasha is now in a lot better place after more than two years in a terrible marriage, thanks to the support of her loved ones. She embraces her life and beauty and is pursuing therapy.


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