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Carrie Edwards-Clemons Becomes First Female President of International Association of Black Professional Firefighters

The International Association of Black Professional Firefighters (IABPFF) announces its new President Carrie Edwards-Clemons. The IABPFF works to improve the economic development and employment opportunities for minorities. As Black firefighters, it is our challenge to make the fire services more relevant to the needs and aspirations of minority citizens and communities across the world.

Carrie joined the IABPFF in 2000 and since then has served as Executive Vice President, Recording Secretary and North Central Region (NCR) Director. She has served the NCR as Second Vice Director, Recording Secretary and Black Women in the Fire Service Chair. Carrie has served her local Chapter, Society of Minority Firefighters – Flint, as Vice President, Recording Secretary and Trustee. She continues to serve her local chapter as Executive Director. Carrie has also held the positions of First Vice President, Second Vice President and Trustee of IAFF Local 352.

Our President has over 21 years in the Fire Service. She was hired into the Flint Fire Department in 1999 as a Firefighter/Trainee and has served the department and community as a Firefighter/Paramedic, Fire I & II Instructor, Instructor Coordinator, Suppression Sgt., EMS Supervisor, Haz-Mat Technician, Emergency Vehicle Operator Instructor, Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Sgt. and EMS Coordinator. Carrie is the first female to hold the rank of Deputy Fire Chief in the department’s history. Carrie is also the grant writer for the department and has secured SAFER, Assistance to Firefighter grants and Community Development Block Grants in excess of $20M throughout her career.

“I am honored to be able to serve my IABPFF brothers and sisters!” stated Carrie. “As president, I will work to strengthen our current partnerships and cultivate future opportunities in hopes of providing more support and resources to firefighters and communities globally.”

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