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Saltzman Family Earns $13 Million from Dis-Chem Investment

The Saltzman family, founders of Dis-Chem Pharmacies, have seen a significant increase in the market value of their investment in recent weeks, driven by the group’s shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).


Over the last 20 days, the market value of the Saltzman family’s Dis-Chem investment has increased by R249.55 million ($13.68 million).


Between April 24-30, the market value of the family’s interest increased by R433.55 million ($23.05 million), from R7.72 billion ($411.2 million) to R8.15 billion ($434.2 million).


Dis-Chem Pharmacies, a retail pharmacy chain and healthcare firm established in South Africa, has grown to become one of the country’s leading retail healthcare groups since Lynette and Ivan Saltzman founded it more than 40 years ago. The organization provides a wide range of services, including dispensaries, family clinics, wound care clinics, and large self-medication centers.


On the JSE, Dis-Chem’s share price has gained 3.02 percent, from R32.79 ($1.798) on May 2 to R33.78 ($1.852) at the time of writing. This growth has raised the company’s market capitalization to $1.5 billion, resulting in significant returns for shareholders, notably the Saltzman family.


Lynette and Ivan Saltzman, who own a major 29.3 percent stake in the Gauteng-based healthcare organization, have profited handsomely from the company’s recent share price increase.


The latest share price jump has increased the market value of their combined shareholding by R249.55 million ($13.68 million), from R8.27 billion ($453.13 million) on May 2 to R8.51 billion ($466.81 million) as of the time of writing.


This considerable increase in the market value of the Saltzman family’s interest in Dis-Chem reinforces their status as one of South Africa’s wealthiest families, demonstrating their long-standing influence on the country’s economic landscape.


Dis-Chem shares are one of many corporations that have returned profits to investors since the beginning of the year.


Investors aiming to replicate ultra-high-net-worth individuals’ wealth-building tactics by investing in companies such as the retail pharmacy chain and healthcare group have seen their fortunes rise this year.


Dis-Chem shares on the JSE have increased by 10.07 percent year-to-date in 2024. This indicates that a $100,000 investment in Eaton at the beginning of the year is now worth $110,070, generating a $10,070 profit.

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