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5 Reasons You Should Study in New Zealand

World Class Educational System

The QS World Rankings include every university in New Zealand. Each and every one of them.

New Zealand has recently poured resources into their education system, which is comparable but not identical to the British system, and it has already begun to pay off:

The University of Auckland is ranked in the top 100 in the world by QS, while Victoria University of Wellington is listed in the top 1% in 19 different subject areas, and the University of Waikato in Hamilton is ranked 72nd in the world and first in New Zealand for research impact and quality.

In addition to providing excellent education, New Zealand’s universities are also internationally diversified, with over 30,000 international students studying in the country in 2018. Indeed, 20% of students at Victoria University of Wellington are international students.

Then there’s the international student assistance network. Given the financial value that overseas students bring to New Zealand’s institutions, they’ve built a strong and caring student welfare system to make the student experience as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Lower tuition costs and several scholarships
While New Zealand’s education system is significantly influenced by the British system, it is less expensive. A year of tuition typically costs roughly NZ$20,000, or just under £10,000. That should give you a little extra money to play with!

In addition to reducing tuition expenses, there are other scholarship opportunities available to assist fund your studies. It takes some digging and investigating to discover one to which you could apply, but we recommend starting by visiting the websites of the universities to which you want to apply. Or, even better, send them an email and ask.

Amazing Ambience

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. In terms of natural beauty, New Zealand is simply one of the world’s most famous countries. Because of its spectacular wide expanses and rough scenery, it was famously utilized as a filming site for the Lord of the Rings film series. It has both snow and sunshine, a stunning coastline, magnificent mountain ranges, and rolling vineyards. A journey to New Zealand isn’t complete unless you take a road trip across these amazing landscapes in a camper van!

Essentially, it’s a great area to live a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle, yet the larger cities and towns are cool, hip, and modern.

A wonderful culture
New Zealand has a rich cultural past, as it is a crossroads of British-influenced Western customs and indigenous Mori culture, with its own language and mythology. Mori culture is often seen in arts, crafts, and culinary in New Zealand today.

Aside from that, sport is a major industry in New Zealand. Cricket is extremely popular, but rugby is where they really flourish. Another location to witness Mori methods is in the famed Haka—the ceremonial dance performed by the national rugby team to scare the enemy. The national team, nicknamed as “The All Blacks,” is New Zealand’s pride because, despite having a population of less than 5 million people, it represents the pride of the country. They are regarded as the greatest rugby nation on the planet.

A kind greeting and a secure experience
But don’t be intimidated by the Haka (unless you intend to rugby tackle someone). Kiwis, or New Zealanders, are known for being among of the world’s coolest, most laid-back, and friendliest people. In fact, according to a 2015 survey conducted by New Zealand’s immigration service, 90% of foreigners in the nation deemed the people to be very friendly, and cited this as a primary reason for comfortably settling in.

Not only are the people nice, but New Zealand has a very low crime rate. According to the 2018 global rating, it is the world’s second safest country. In case you were wondering, Iceland was first.

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