Zuma’s Son Mxolisi Takes Swazi Princess Ziyanda Dlamini As Second Wife

Zuma’s Son Mxolisi marries princess: President Jacob Zuma’s family happily returned home from Swaziland on Sunday afternoon after a successful conclusion of Ziyanda Dlamini’s lobola negotiations. Ziyanda, a Swazi princess is the daughter of Prince Fanyana Dlamini, brother to Swaziland King Mswati III. The president had led the Zuma family delegation to the traditional wedding ceremony between the princess and Mxolisi Zuma, 37. The ceremony was said to have lasted all through last weekend.

Mxolisi is the eldest child Zuma and Kate Mantsho had during their marriage. He has four younger siblings, including twins Duduzane and Duduzile Zuma. After Ziyanda got officially wedded to Mxolisi, Zuma’s family presented her with 250 000 emalangeni (R250 000), while her husband gave her 50 000 emalangeni in cash to enable her to buy “insipho” (soap) so she can continue to glow. The Swazi princess also received 140 000 emalangeni from her uncle, King Mswati III and Queen Mother Ntombi Thwala, 93 000 emalangeni from her aunts and 10 000 emalangeni from her father, bringing the cash to almost 1 000 000 emalangeni. South Africa’s first family also presented a herd of 120 cattle in lobola to the bride’s family.

While speaking at the colourful event, Zuma reportedly said they decided to marry a royal beauty to lighten up “Nkandla royal house” in KwaZulu-Natal. “Your majesty, it looks like the game is one-sided. It is our belief that the Zumas will be marrying three times and that will mean a 3-0 if I were to talk about a soccer game,” he stated.

It is believed that the president was making in reference to the three Zuma family members who had married Swazi princesses. Recall that the president’s nephew, Khulubuse Zuma married Swazi princess Fikisiwe Dlamini in 2014 while President Jacob Zuma paid 50 cows for his fiancée, Princess Sebentile Dlamini, in 2002. Mxolisi is now the latest to join the club.

After the traditional wedding ceremony, President Zuma was said to have departed Swaziland on Sunday morning, leaving his family members in the good hands of his nephew, Khulubuse Zuma. Mxolisi, his new bride, and the Zuma family members later arrived Nkandla at 5:00 pm on Sunday afternoon

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