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#ZumaMustFall: Jacob Zuma Says He Will Resign Only If…….!!

While we as a whole felt that organizing greater demonstrations and motion of no confidence and all whatnot would handicap the cat with nine lives, Zuma says it is just the ANC that can push him out of office.

Talking at his 75th birthday celebrations in Soweto on Wednesday, the president stated that he would leaveif asked to do so by the leadership of the governing party.

“I want to tell you now, my friends that if you tell me to step down tomorrow, I will…I will remain an ANC member until I die. There is a short period left until I finish the task I was given by the ANC.

A new president will come in in December, elected by the ANC. Even if you say I must leave, I will leave with a clear heart. I’ll be ANC until I die and do work without a salary because I’ll be getting pension…I’ll work hard, be there and use my strength to debate,” he said.

The embattled president iterated that he will continue to work hard at the branch level; serve the ANC till he dies.

He also lashed out some ANC comrades for betraying him. The president lamented that trust no longer exists in the ruling party like before, saying he’ll rather trust a stone than his comrades.

Though he declined to mention names but it was apparent that he was referring to some of his cabinet ministers and some members of ANC’s alliance partners.

He said: “In all the many years that I had been a member of the ANC, I had seen a lot and I had heard a lot. But I have learned to trust a stone; rather than another human being. A stone Is more trustworthy because if you left it in one place; you would find it in the same place years later.”

Zuma has had thorny weeks since the beginning of the year, as calls for his resignation keep making the rounds in every nook and cranny of the country.

Yesterday, his political career was smeared with yet another national odium by at least six political parties; who marched in unity against his government – for the first time.

Zuma, who has been on a bumpy ride since after his recent cabinet reshuffle is being criticized by his party members. However, the unfazed president says he’s not worried by the mass actions against him.

“They attack me, but in reality, they are attacking the ANC;  because it is in power and they want that power. When you kill a snake you hit it on the head and that is exactly what they are doing. They target me because I am the head of the ANC.”

President Jacob Zuma turned 75 on Wednesday; and a birthday bash was organized by the ANC in his honour at the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication, in Kliptown, Soweto.


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