Zuma Narrates His Own Mabena Experience In A Hilarious Way (VIDEO)

Former president Jacob Zuma has left his social media followers in stitches after narrating his own Mabena experience while detained in prison in 1963.

Mabena became famous after a video of members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) training was shared on social media. In the video, one member, Mabena, was portrayed as a lazy and disappointing member.

Now the former president has recounted his own experience with a police member who acted out of character.

“That Mabena video reminded me of the one time we were detained at Hercules Police Station,” said the former president before sharing the story.

He said he had been detained in prison with three other comrades when he was called for questioning by a tall white police officer.

All was going well until the police officers started repeating the same question to a cheeky Zuma.

Watch the video below:

He says: “We got arrested in 1963 and we were separated. Three of us as comrades were put in one cell. We were detained in a police station in Pretoria called Hercules Police Station. Three cells – smaller ones on either side and a big one in the middle. We were put there, the three of us. Then came the time for starting interrogation. So I’m called out to the office where I find these two police – white one and a black one.

“So I sit in front on a chair. There’s a table in between. The white police is sitting on this side of the table. So he’s asking me some questions – ‘Who are you?’ I tell them. Of course, I’m a young fellow and I’m very cheeky.

“This warder asks me a question and he repeats the question. So I get angry and I reply very violently too. And he gets angry and says to me as he’s rising slowly: ‘Wat sê jy ka**ir, huh? Wat sê jy ka**ir? Wat sê jy ka**ir?’ Now there’s an interpreter, who is nearby.

“Now he has to interpret what the warder is saying. So as he says ‘wat sê jy ka**ir?’ he was a tall fellow, the interpreter said ‘uthini kaf**ir? huh. Uthini ka**ir?’ As my attention is taken to this fellow, jirr I don’t know what that fellow hit me with.”


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