Zoleka Mandela – I Never Felt Like I Belonged In My Family  

Zoleka Mandela
Zoleka Mandela
Zoleka Mandela said she is using her position to change lives.


She has often spoken of her past and how she battled to break free from her demons. And as she details her struggle, some have labeled her an attention seeker.

“Some call it attention seeking but that’s okay with me, they’re not as ready to deal with the darkest parts of themselves that had me attempting to suppress mine with sex, alcohol and drugs. I guess my life is an unwarranted reminder to them of how desperate they are to free themselves of the darkness within them they are not able or ready to deal with.”

She said she is constantly reminded of what really matters.

” I believe that my journey with breast cancer, alcoholism, drug addiction, child loss, sexual and physical abuse will remind those whose lives have been touched by these; “Societal ills,” that continue to plague our communities, of how their stories deserve to be heard as much as mine. We all have a voice that is valuable enough to make the lives of those rendered silent, worth living.”

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