Zolani Mahola Ready To Launch Solo Career

Zolani Mahola Ready To Launch Solo Career

On Thursday morning, Freshlyground’s lead singer, Zolani Mahola announced that she is launching her solo music career.

The singer, whose name has been linked to the internationally acclaimed group, Freshlyground for a while now, took to Twitter to announce the news, saying:

“After 17 years with Freshlyground I am launching my solo music career, and starting a new career as a public speaker.

“I am Zolani Mahola.

“I am the one who sings.”

Mahola also said that she is planning to branch out into theatre production, motivational talks and workshops. She later joined Refilwe Moloto from Cape Talk in studio to talk about what prompted her move.

“It has been 17 wonderful years of working with the band. This new journey has come out of a process of really looking into myself and it is very exciting.”

Mahola also said that this isn’t the end of Freshlyground.


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“This is not an end for Freshlyground, this is a new beginning for Zolani Mahola. Freshlyground is a brand and an entity that is always going to exist. We are always going to be collaborating with each other.”

Formed in Cape Town, Freshlyground initially became a national hit with the release of their 2003 debut, Jika Jika, and a year later they found themselves performing for South African President Mbeki and sharing the stage with the legendary Miriam Makeba at the North Sea Jazz Festival. 

Freshlyground later rose to international fame after collaborating with Shakira on the 2010 FIFA World Cup official song, ‘Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)‘.

For Mahola, one of the most outstanding performances was when the band performed with Stevie Wonder though.

“He is my favourite musician and when we were on stage with him for 46664 in Radiocity, New York, was just the most incredible highlight for me.”

Another highlight for Freshlyground might also include the time when former USA President Barack Obama cited Freshlyground as an example of the contributions South Africa has made to the world during a visit to South Africa in June 2013.


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