Zodwa Wabantu Opens Up On Relationship With Skolopad

Zodwa Wabantu has shut down claims tgat there is a brewing feud between her and Skolopad. In her words, she just does not want to be painted with the same brush as her and that they are vying for different things.

Zodwa’s action in the recent Feather Award nominations raised eyebrows, when she refuses to take a picture with Skolopad. This led to social media users speculatibg that she has something against Skolopad.

Zodwa however set the record straight. “Skolopad says she sings. I don’t sing. Even on her Instagram, I don’t see exactly what she is about. Is she after money or what? She’s just there… Saying things like Euphonik I want to help you get over Bonang and stuff.’ She goes to every award ceremony for the sake of it‚ nominated or not. There’s nothing wrong with that‚ it’s her thing. She’s here for the fame‚ I am here for the money. That is why we don’t mix.”

Zodwa said she wants to “hang out” with people who contribute to her and that share the same passion of “making money” and Skolopad wasn’t one of them.

She explained that her interaction with Skolopad began back at the 2017 Durban July when Skolopad called and wanted to “hang out”. Zodwa claims Skolopad wanted them to be “buddies” and although she initially didn’t object‚ the meeting never happened.

Zodwa insisted that she isn’t “beefing” with Skolopad. Adding that she’s all about women empowerment and understood that women needed to support each other instead of fighting amongst themselves.

“I don’t like fighting women. I feel for them because we have so many battles we fight every day. We have cheating boyfriends and insecurities‚ we need one another‚” she said.

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