Zimbabwe Embassy Finally Withdraws All Representation Of Grace Mugabe In The Assault Case

The initial step towards considering Grace Mugabe responsible for ambush has been delayed further in Pretoria’s High Court.

Guaranteeing their legal counselor has gotten dangers, the Zimbabwean consulate said they were pulling back from the ‘strategic invulnerability’ matter.

No order was granted in the matter, acting judge Harshila Koovertjie ordered the matter to be referred to the opposed motions court. @News24

— Amanda Khoza (@MandaKhoza) October 6, 2017

The Zimbabwean embassy has decided to withdraw from the matter as an intervening party claiming its lawyer had received threats. @News24

— Amanda Khoza (@MandaKhoza) October 6, 2017

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Justice Koovertjie has given the Embassy seven days to clear up its position on the issue. They should choose whether they will discover another person to speak to Grace Mugabe or not.

AfriForum have been battling to pull Mrs Mugabe before a court. As far back as her activities on August thirteenth. In the event that papers are served to the President’s office in Zimbabwe, the issue can never again be neglected.

The Zimbabwean First Lady attacked model and Sandton resident Gabrielle Engels with an extension cord. She was on an unofficial visit to the country to see her sons. Mugabe lost the plot when she saw they were in the company of Engels.

The tumultuous, topsy-turvy case has hinged on whether or not Grace Mugabe really did have diplomatic immunity. So DIRCO confirmed that she had been granted this right. This, despite the fact her trip clearly had nothing to do with government business.


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