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A-Z South African Baby Names And Their Meanings

Check out our list of the top traditional South African baby names. .

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South African Baby Names

Babalo – boy or girl, blessing

Baruti – boy, educator

Demarco – boy, warlike

Dikeledi – girl, tears

Dingane – boy, the little exile

Fenyang – boy, conqueror

Goitsemedime – girl, The Lord Knows

Janet – girl, God’s gracious gift

Kagiso – girl, peace

Kago – boy, building

Kaya – girl, restful place

Kefentse – boy, conqueror

Kefilwe – girl, I’m given

Kehmuile – girl, I am wealthy

Kopano – boy, the unified

Lefu – boy or girl, sickness

Lenka – boy, taker

Lerato – girl, love

Lesidi – boy, the light

Letsego – boy, armament

Limpho – girl, gifts

Luyanda – boy, it gets more

Mamello – boy, patience

Mandisa – girl, sweet

Masego – boy, fortunate

Montsho – boy or girl, black

Mosa – girl, graceful

Mosegi – boy, tailor

Moswen – boy, light in color

Mothudi – boy, blacksmith

Mpho – boy or girl, gift

Naledi – girl, star

Nkosazana – girl, princess

Nku – boy, sheep

Nobanzi – girl, width

Nolizwe – boy, Xhosa

Nomalanga – girl, cheerful

Nombeko – girl, respect

Nomble – girl, beauty

Nomuula – girl, rain

Nonyameko – girl, patience

Onalenna – girl, she is with me

Oyama – boy or girl, lean on me

Paki – boy, witness

Puleng – girl, out in the rain

Renang – girl, rule

Saden – girl, dark hearted

Shaka – boy, tribal leader

Siboniso – girl, symbol

Siphiwe – girl, we were given

Sipliwo – boy, Xhosa

Sonwabile – boy, we are joyous

Tale – girl, green

Tandie – boy, fire 

Tau – boy, lion

Tebogo – boy, we are thankful

Thaba – boy, mountain

Thandiwe – boy or girl, loved one

Themba – boy or girl, trusted

Tumelo – boy or girl, faith

Uuka – boy, arise

Warona – boy or girl, he/she is ours

Xhosa – girl, sweet 

Zulu — girl, tribal


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