Yummy Mummy: Fashion Tips For A Stylish Pregnancy

You don’t have to buy maternity clothes to dress your bump – here are a couple tips on making the most of your wardrobe

Go for darker colours

You can never go wrong with wearing dark colours –wear dark, solid-coloured tops and dresses. These will not only help you look slimmer, but also hide problem areas. Also, you can almost wear dark colours with anything – they are great to mix and match.

Keep it simple

Stick to classic silhouettes like A-line, tunic or tent-shaped dresses – they create a flattering look. These pieces are suitable for wear up to the third trimester and you can still use them after childbirth.


Let it flow

Comfort is key while you’re carrying a child – the trick is not to get something that’s going make you look larger and sloppier, but something with balance. Opt for loose, flowy pieces that still hug all the right places.

Go snug on the bottom

Leggings provide great relief on your bloated days. It is important to look for pieces that give more support and coverage, even through your third trimester. There are many ways to wear these pieces – don your loose tops/a crisp white shirt with super-stretchy denim and leggings for a stylish effect.


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