Xolani Gwala Reveals He Has Colon Cancer

This comes three weeks after 702 announced that he would be off air to allow him space to deal with a ‘serious medical challenge.’ Before his announcement today, Xolani had said: “When we are all clear about what it is, I’ll come back and let you know what it is … I have asked for time off from the station so that I can address this issue and also deal with the treatment, when necessary. I appeal for privacy and your understanding on these matters, but other than that I certainly will be back as soon as everything is sorted out.”

Speaking to listeners today, Xolani said that his cancer was at an advanced stage.

“After thorough investigation, they found that I had colon cancer, which is advanced, quite advanced,” he told Stephen Grootes, who has been standing in for him.

He found out about the cancer after suffering from a fever earlier this year.

“This was so sudden. In April‚ I was running the London marathon. Suddenly you have a fever‚ you go to the doctor and you are told you have cancer.”

Xolani has already had his first operation, and is set to undergo chemotherapy next week.

“It’s going to be a long fight, but a fight I am ready for.”


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