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Xenophobic Attack: “Do Not Waste Your People’s Lives!” Nigeran Rep. Warns SA Government To Caution Its Citizens

Xenophobic Attack
Foreign nationals gesture after clashes broke out between a group of locals and police in Durban on April 14 ,2015 in ongoing violence against foreign nationals in Durban, South Africa. The attacks on immigrant-owned shops and homes in Durban's impoverished townships come three months after a similar spate of attacks on foreign-owned shops in Soweto, near Johannesburg. The Malawian government said on April 13, 2015 it would help repatriate its citizens from South Africa following an outbreak of xenophobic violence in the eastern port city of Durban that has left four people dead. AFP PHOTO/PHOTO STRINGER

Chairman, House Committee on Diaspora Matters (Nigeria), Rep Rita Orji, has asked the South Africa Government to caution its citizens, stating that South Africans also leave and work in Nigeria too.

According to reports, Nigerians in South Africa are suffering from Xenophobic attack in which their businesses were burnt and their goods looted.

Speaking with Journalists in Abuja, Orji condemed the killings, wondered why the Federal Government has taken a strong decision to put and end to the killings and protect Nigerians Abroad.

He said: “Are they only important to us just because they need to contribute to National Development?

“Are we calling them ours because we needed to get hard currencies remitted by them? What about their health and their businesses, are they being protected? Are they being taken care of in the treaties we’re signing in this country?

“Have we taken any bold steps to make sure that incessant killings of Nigerians abroad unlawfully are being taken care of? These are pertinent questions that any Nigerian that loves life would ask.

“And why would this conspiracy of silence linger while blood is being shed, while Nigerians are being killed like chicken in various countries, while Nigerians are becoming endangered species.

“The South African Government should bear in mind that Nigerians know that they have interests, they have businesses here, they have South Africans here, they should not put their people in jeopardy.”

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