WTH! South African Clinic Sells Human Organs…..You Won’t Believe How Much A Functional Heart Costs

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A Shocked Lady

Intense hunger and financial crisis has caused increased sale of human organs in some South African clinics and hospitals especially in Cape Town.

Daily voice reported a mass distribution of pamphlets by the New Day Clinic in Cape town where various human parts are being advertised with each part having its price tag.

According to the news, you can get the body part you want within a week, while transplants are offered at their “world-class medical facility”.

Investigating further on the sale of human parts in the clinic, the clinic reportedly displayed a price list for human organs – including kidneys, livers, hearts, derms and veins.

The list claims that one can buy a functional heart at R1.5 million while a kidney is sold for over R3.5 million, a patch of skin goes for R140 per square centimetre.

A pair of eyeballs seems to be the cheapest so far on the list, selling for just R2 000 each, while a second-hand spleen will cost R7 000.

Having been alerted on the sale of human parts in the clinic, state authorities are now investigating the trade, which is illegal.

A member of the public who reportedly was given the pamphlet at the intersection of Durban and Tyger Valley roads in Tyger Valley related his shock after taking a glance at it.

The pamphlet reads: “Need organs? We can source organs within 168 hours; healthy, reliable and fully tested. Transplants take place in our world-class medical facility. Whatever you need, we can find: kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, corneas and skin. Contact us today for a free consultation.”

It was followed by a report by a motorist who said a “Nigerian woman” dressed in a surgical mask and white latex gloves handed out the pamphlets.

“This place does not exist, yet the number provided is in use by a man who deals with these human organs. Illegal, first of all, but most alarming is wondering where do these people get fresh organs at request?” the motorist added

organ list

A website address and contact number was provided in the pamphlet, but no physical address for the clinic is listed.


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