Women: 7 Myths About Men You Should Stop Believing

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It’s a New Year! And with a new year comes goals to be even better in life and in love than ever before.

However, here’s one big, bold relationship truth: If you bring the same old mindset and misconceptions about relationships into this “new” season, then you won’t have different results.

So ladies and women, here are few myths about men (married and single) that you must stop believing in order to truly be happier this year in the love department. Let’s get it on!

Myth #1: Men Are Intimidated By Your Success and Independence

Okay I’m sure some ladies are already saying that they know men who are intimidated by their “success.” Well the first thing I will say is that most men aren’t intimidated by your success.

Myth busted: The real truth is that men are looking for a partner in love and not a “boss.” The “right man” for you is not going to be afraid of you or intimidated by you; and he’ll appreciate all that you have to offer and look forward to partnering with you.

Myth #2: Having Standards and Expectations Will Drive Men Away

It’s true, some men become distant after women share their standards and expectations with them. Yes, it happens.

Myth busted: It’s very possible that it wasn’t your standards briefing that turned him off, but your delivery. If stating your standards comes with a defensive nature and attitude, then yes, it can be a turn off. However, if it’s simply you just discussing your desires, then men who are on the same page as you (and that is the key) won’t run at the first mention of what you will and won’t tolerate. And those who aren’t will head for the hills…..and that’s a good thing.

Myth #3: There Are No Good Men Left out There

Please understand that in your lifetime you will have more relationships that fail than succeed. And my point is not to depress you, but rather for you to change your outlook. Don’t expect every man you meet to be your soulmate.

Myth busted: There are plenty of good men out there. And plenty of men that are committing and getting married. So don’t let a string of bad dates or the opinions of your friends cause you to lose faith that your partner is out there somewhere.

Myth #4: Your Husband Is Only Driven By Sex

Yes, your man wants to be physical with you. But even more important than that, he wants to be intimate with you. If you keep believing that he is simply using you as a way to “get off,” your entire mindset about sex will be thrown off and your libido will decrease.

Myth busted: Sex for men is an expression of love and it keeps us connected to you. And if you start thinking about it those terms, then perhaps you’ll want to connect with us even more!

Myth #5: Your Man Wants You to Be Perfect

Your man never committed to you because you were perfect. He did it because he accepted you, and even your flaws.

Myth busted: Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect in every area and give yourself some grace. Your attitude will have a jump in the right direction when you do.

Myth #6: Men Are Emotionless

Just because your man doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeves or verbally express his feelings often, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Myth busted: Men have emotions just like women do, but it’s the expression of those feelings that might be different. This isn’t about good and bad, it’s just that he may handle and show his emotions differently.

Myth #7: Men Don’t Care About Your Needs

You will come up short every time if you make your man play the guessing game when it comes to your needs. Why? Because we aren’t good at it! Stop assuming that he is just supposed to know what your wants and needs are.

Mythbusted: You can’t keep getting frustrated with him over things that you’ve never expressed. Communicate early and often and don’t leave him guessing while you’re mad.


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