Woman Shows Off The Food She Bought For R100

A South African woman shared a video on social media revealing the meal she purchased for R100.

In a TikTok video, the user @magoldromy showed off the food she bought for R100. The beauty purchased chicken wings from KFC, a box of Debonairs pizza, and juice.@magoldromy made fun of herself, saying:

“It’s not like R100 would buy a car or a house. Buy food and eat.”

The clip grabbed the attention of many and clocked over 96K viewers, along with thousands of likes and comments.

Watch the footage below:


Many people were impressed by the lady’s purchase as they took to the comments section to express their thoughts, saying:

Faith said:

“It’s not like R100 will change my home situation.”

Fearless cracked a joke, saying:

“It’s not like R100 will take you to Dubai.”

Lesego shared:

“My mom will still say “you should have saved that money and buy something better”. Food is not something better guys ?”

Kiri.shima wrote:

“It’s not like R100 will build a house.”

MakasSpha commended:

“It’s not like it’s gonna do wonders and stuff arejeng re be happy bana beso.”

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