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Woman Left Devasted As Alleged Hijacker Who Tried To Evade Cops Kills Son

A Valhalla Park mom has been left devastated after her five-year-old son was killed by an alleged hijacker who tried to evade cops yesterday.

Another 10-year-old boy was injured, as well as the driver, who was arrested after a high-speed chase with cops.

Elvina Herringer, 27, says her son Chesray was playing with his friends in Angela Street while she was doing the laundry at 3pm.

The suspect was driving a stolen Hyundai Elantra when he knocked over little Chesray, causing extensive head injuries which caused his death.

“I just heard a bang and went out and saw that his father already had him.

“I was told that a man who stole a car was being chased by the police and he hit my son and another child in the road,” says Elvina.

The heartbroken mother says paramedics were called to the scene, where her son had visible head injuries.

“They said he was already gone and I could see his head was hurt and his legs were broken.

“There was another child hurt in the accident, a 10-year-old boy, who was rushed to hospital with broken legs.

“I saw the police take the driver away from the scene.”

She says her son was excited to start school next year.

“Chesray would have started pre-school next year and was a very happy child.

“He never really played outside and spent most of his time watching poppentjies.”

SAPS’ FC van Wyk says Flying Squad cops were conducting routine patrols when they spotted the Hyundai Elantra which had been stolen in Wynberg.

“A high-speed chase followed… In Angela street, Valhalla Park, the driver of the stolen vehicle hit two children – a five-year-old child who passed away on the scene due to injuries sustained and a 10-year-old boy who was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment,” he says

“The 32-year-old suspect was arrested and is currently at a nearby hospital for medical treatment under police guard.

“Cases of possession of a stolen vehicle and culpable homicide were registered for investigation. The investigation continues.”

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