Woman Injured In Bellville Fire Dies

A woman who jumped to escape a burning Bellville flat building has died.

This brings to two the number of fatalities as a result of the blaze that broke out on Monday.

Investigators are probing the cause the of the fire.

An eyewitness recounted the frantic scenes that played out while the fire raged through the flat.

“I’ve never seen a fire like that. There was no help and we tried to bring water but there was no way to get the water [to the fire]. We had to figure out how to help the child.”

He says he and other did all they could to rescue those trapped by the blaze. The cause of the fire is still not known.

The 40-year-old woman died overnight from her injuries.

Two women jumped through a living room window to escape the flames.

One woman cushioned a baby to protect the infant from injury as she leaped from the building.

Another man also suffered an injury to his leg.


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