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Will South Africa Ever Forgive Thambo Mbeki For The Viral Spread Of HIV/AIDS- See Why

Boy miraculously healed fromHIV

There was an investigation which was led by the Harvard University which demonstrated that Mbeki’s denial of the way that HIV prompts AIDS, caused the passing of more than 300 000 individuals.

Deaths that were totally avoidable, yet Mbeki chosen to conflict with science and selected to deny the presence of the truth that HIV prompted AIDS.

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It was his departure in 2008 that paved a new course for South Africa in tackling the catastrophe of HIV/AIDS. Even though the symbiosis between HIV and AIDS has been proved by countless scientists beyond reasonable doubt, Mbeki kept on refusing that HIV led to AIDS.
President Jacob Zuma’s government has performed brilliantly in the domain of the prevention and treatment of HIV and Aids. Since 2009, the Zuma administration has put in place an array of pragmatic programmes to reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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