Wildlife Groups Fight To Save Endangered African Wild Dog

Wildlife groups are seeking to join efforts to help save the Endangered African Wild Dog while the public will soon have a new opportunity to catch a glimpse of this scarce and reclusive animal.

The Makalali Game Reserve has recently become the newest addition to the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project, coordinated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the Wild Dog Advisory Group of South Africa (WAG SA) as part of ongoing efforts to save this species from extinction. The reserve is currently 26,000 ha and recently obtained National Private Nature Reserve status, EWT said in a press release.

“Due to its size, ecology and the efforts made by management to keep the area protected, Makalali was identified as an ideal site to introduce a pack of Wild Dogs which was successfully relocated to Makalali on June 9.”

The ultimate goal is to reverse the decline of Wild Dogs globally, by actively increasing their populations and range throughout southern Africa.

“This is achieved this by establishing, maintaining and expanding safe space for Wild Dogs; reducing threats to their survival; ensuring positive changes in human-based values to Wild Dogs; and supporting laws to better protect them,” said EWT.

Despite this, Wild Dogs are still among the most threatened animals in Africa, under severe threat from snaring, poaching, disease, roadkill, and habitat loss. In southern Africa, the EWT is helping to reverse this continent­-wide trend, and the population has stabilised at around 500 individuals.


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