Why Watermelon Is So Good For You

Summer is definitely watermelon season. But did you know that the fruit boasts a number of nutrients? Find out more about the health benefits of watermelon now.

Rich in nutrients

This juicy fruit contains vitamins A, C and B6. It’s  also rich in amino acids and minerals such as potassium.

Water is one of the key benefits of watermelon

Watermelon is made up of 92% water. So eating it can help you stay hydrated. In addition, it’s low in kilojoules and is fat-free. Thus making it a good choice for dieters.

Protect your body

Lycopene is found in large amounts in ripe watermelon. This powerful antioxidant helps protect and repair the body from damage caused by several diseases. It also has anti-aging benefits. In addition, lycopene has cancer fighting properties too.

Control your blood pressure

The antioxidant citrulline is a chief component of watermelons. It is converted into arginine in the body which helpds dilate blood vessels and regulate blood pressure.

Ensure that your kidneys are working

Watermelon contains potassium and calcium. Minerals that help flush toxins from the body and keep kidneys working well.

Keep cholesterol in check

Since watermelon is rich in lycopene, it helps keep bad cholestrol levels at bay. In addition, the potassium it contains boosts heart health further.


Written by southhow

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