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Why Kombucha is Taking The Health Market by Surprise

Cape Town-based Theonista is a pioneering brand of the fermented drink in South Africa and many swear by it.

Meghan Werner, the founder of Theonista, said: “We have 12 flavours of kombucha in our range as well as our original, sugar-free rooibos ginger beers, all of which work well as a base for a healthy non-alcoholic mocktail.

“For each of our products, we use a combination of high-quality ingredients brewed in small batches using processes that rely on manual power over mechanisation.”

Fermented foods and beverages like komucha are a rich source of probiotics. For the full effect the products must have been properly fermented.

Many brands have a high sugar content from incomplete fermentation or the addition of fruit juice. Properly fermented kombucha without excessive sugar or fruit juice aids digestion, assists with cognitive function and boosts immunity.

Kombucha has been such a success that it has spawned a business conference – Kombuchacon. Taking place in April in Los Angeles, kombucha industry roleplayers will discuss business, benefits and all things fermented under the theme of Growing Strong Culture.

This year Tyle Cage will be the keynote speaker. Cage, is the founder of RUNA and managing director of Terrafertil. Like many kombucha brewers, he started small.

Similarly, Theonista was initially a side project for Werner. Now it’s a business with 14 staff members.

To test the benefits for yourself, Werner suggests trying one of these mocktails.



200ml cold Theonista Pomegranate & Rooibos kombucha
Rosemary sprig


Pour Theonista kombucha into a cocktail glass, slice some strawberries and add them with a sprig of rosemary as a garnish.

Summer Breeze

200ml Theonista Lemongrass & Orange kombucha
Crushed ice
Slice of orange
A generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Basil leaves
Edible flower garnish (optional)


Fill a glass with crushed ice, pour Theonista kombucha into a cocktail glass, add a slice of orange, a squeeze of lemon juice, basil leaves and stir the mixture well.


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