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Why Facebook Introduced Mobile Application for Africa

Facebook doesn’t offer the best experience on Android. The app is sometimes clunky, can consume a lot of data depending on what you’re doing, and has often been known as a battery hog.

In developed smartphone markets, where we have big phablets with large batteries and powerful processors, those issues aren’t as noticeable, but it’s a problem for less powerful smartphones in emerging smartphone markets. To solve that, Facebook on Friday introduced Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite is served in an incredibly small package that measures less than 1MB in size. The social network also promises that it should operate well on all network connections, which means folks in countries without access to modern 4G LTE networks can still use the service without worrying about sluggish network performance.

Facebook said that more than a billion users are using its service from mobile devices, and Facebook Lite should help it attract that growing audience. The Android application is rolling out in countries across Asia first, followed by deployments in Europe, Africa and Latin America.



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