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Whatsapp To Introduce Feature That Allows Users To Permanently Mute Groups

Popular messaging service WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that would allow users to put those annoying WhatsApp groups on mute forever.

We are all guilty of it. We don’t want to leave the group but the constant chatter is a nightmare. So we select the ’mute group for a year’ option and then when we eventually get a notification, we say “Oh wow, has it already been a year?”

The Mute Always feature is not yet available and is still under development. However, it is worth noting that it will be available in the next few updates.

“WhatsApp is actually working to develop and improve it before the release. For this reason if you don’t see this feature in your WhatsApp build, it’s not a problem,” said WaBetaInfo in a post.

WhatsApp is planning with the update, to replace the 1 year option with Always, in order to always silent notifications from chats and groups.

This function will be useful for those who are added to too many groups you might not deem as too important, but you also cannot leave nor delete.

If they select the mute always option, they will never get notifications from the groups. However, users can still access the group and check the chats on the occasion but will not be bombarded with unwanted notifications.


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