This Is What’s Killing The World Today

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A new infographic from Medigo Clinics, shows which diseases are the top killers in the world, and which cases are on the rise – and which are in decline.

The data is based off the World Health Organization’s Projections of Mortality and Causes of Death 2015 – 2030 report, which helps give the impression of what health challenges the world will face over the next decade.

According to the group, life expectancy across the globe is expected to increase by an average of 3 years to 75 by 2030, though Africa will still remain the region with the lowest average (65).


In 2015, half of the estimated 50 million adult deaths across the world were caused by only 10 diseases, the most prominent of which was coronary artery disease, followed by strokes.


Worryingly, over the next 15 years, diabetes is expected to increase by 34%, while lung cancer is expected to increase by 24%. Various types of cancer, including prostate, bladder, throat and mouth cancer are also expected to see double-digit growth.

On the more positive side, cases of tuberculosis, measles and malaria are expected to decline heavily.





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