What We Found In The Provinces: Desperation , Loyalty, Poverty , And Hope

These are just some of the themes which will define Wednesday’s election for South Africans: Loyalty, apartheid-style evictions, desperate poverty, and hope of renewal.

Reporters canvassed the length and breadth of the country to hear first-hand what South Africans want from these elections.

We found stories of despair and hopelessness; of people eking out a living and cooking peanuts for supper. But we also found pockets of promise, with new political parties and the ANC’s promises of renewal presenting a glimmer of hope on the horizon for many voters

In Mpumalanga, where only 1.3 million people voted in 2014, Reporters found people disillusioned with politics. Many people live lives which are very detached from the issues talked about at urban dinner tables in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Many do not feel the result would impact their lives in any significant way. Very few even know that their home-grown leader David Mabuza is now the deputy president of the country

In the Western Cape, traditionally considered a DA stronghold, former DA leader Patricia de Lille’s new GOOD party has many followers in Mitchells Plain. Bedevilled by crime and gangsterism, some DA supporters are likely to follow her to her new political home. Many people feel fed up with unemployment, crime and poverty, but it seems unlikely that the ANC will win much support here.



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